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  • Once again AASTMT Embraces The Advancement of Satellite Technology

25 OCT


Once again AASTMT Embraces The Advancement of Satellite Technology

For more than 50 years, AASTMT has been dedicated to empowering generations. AASTMT offers research and academic excellence in the fields of Remote Sensing, Simulators, Maritime and Tech., Engineering, and Computer Science among other prominent fields. (Learn more about the study fields in AASTMT). Today, THE AASTMT provides a hub that fosters the growth of future leaders and opportunities in the field, locally, regionally and globally. This year AASTMT has hosted the 4th Arab-China States BDS Cooperation Forum. The China-Arab States BDS ( BeiDou Navigation Satellite System) and The ISPRS GSW 23.

The China-Arab States BDS ( BeiDou Navigation Satellite System) Cooperation Forum provides the opportunity to connect multiple stakeholders from both public and private sectors in the Satellite Navigation field. Academics and researchers in the field are invited as part of the formal dialogue initiative between China and the Arab League in this multilateral coordination mechanism. Navigation satellites are presenting a wealth of positive outcomes to users by providing novel approaches to the way maritime industries approach navigation. This enables more efficiency, safety and accuracy in the field. Further to that, BDS assists in speedy and high-precision adjustments when required. 

The forum significantly included the release of the top 10 Cooperation Scenarios of BeiDou in The Arab Region. Also, the forum released The China-Arab Joint Test Report on BeiDou Service performance. This is in addition to the keynote speakers and session on a range of topics within the field and its neighbouring disciplines such as the implications of Artificial Intelligence (learn more about AI as a field of study). Further to that the exhibition adjacent to the event explored notions such as “Why is BDS needed”. The exhibition also displayed high-precision BDS products and applications. This is aside from the exhibit of several BDS company profiles. 

Earlier this year, the AASTMT had the honour of also hosting the ISPRS GSW 23. This was the first Geospatial Week in Africa and Middle East. The theme of the conference was "Remote Sensing for a Better Future". The ISPRS Geospatial Week was a combination of workshops organised by about 30 ISPRS Working Groups active in areas of interest of ISPRS. The GSW provided a platform for international scholars, graduate students, future scientists and industrial sectors to learn exchange knowledge and experiences of applying geospatial technologies for sustainable development (check out AASTMT efforts about SDG) for better quality of life for people around the world. The ISPRS Geospatial Week (GSW) brought together more than 700 research papers on the topic of remote sensing under the umbrella of the field of Geospatial specialization. From 68 different countries, participants attended to witness showcasing Geospatial excellence.