About the College of Engineering and Technology at Port Said

The College of Engineering and Technology, at Port Said, was established in 2013 to serve the Sues Canal region .It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, which gives students a special and unique college life. The college offers Bachelor''s degrees in the areas of architectural engineering and environmental design, and construction and buildings engineering. Study lasts for 5 academic years (a minimum of 10 semesters).
The college adopts an innovative approach to engineering education. Instead of just learning the theory of engineering from a text book or a lecture, it turns engineering education on its head to ensure that our graduates master needed workplace skills. The campus in Port Said is affiliated to Alexandria campus all campuses share the same syllabi, strategies and decisions which ensures excellence in all provided educational services. This special relation allows automatic acceptance of students in other campuses and a transparent transfer of credits and hours between campuses. Moreover, Students are allowed to attend terms in other campuses.


To excel as one of the best engineering colleges locally and regionally and to maintain internationally recognized programs with an advanced academic rank.
To provide the highest quality educational programs, research, and community services and to play a leading role in, all engineering activities, as a foremost engineering school in the Arab world.


To efficiently integrate all of our facilities, and resources to proactively provide competitive, intellectual, and market-driven academic programs, research, and community services and pledges strong collaboration between our faculty, staff members, students, researchers, alumni, and industrial and business leaders.

To maintain and develop long term and lasting partnerships with Arab institutions, and internationally acknowledged bodies.

College Strategic Goals

The roadmap for the college of Engineering and Technology in the near term future:

To be nationally and regionally acknowledged as a top ranked institution that endorses excellence in education, research and community services with talented students, caliber faculty and superior facilities.

Consequently and based on the overall strategic goal of the college, the following subordinate strategic goals are derived:

  • Enhance The Quality Of The College Undergraduate Programs.
  • Strengthen Research Multiplicity, Innovation With Prospective Capabilities And Graduate Programs.
  • Develop And Maintain Strong And Long-lasting Academic Cooperation.
  • Serve  The Community Efficiently And Resourcefully.

Activity College

Department of Architecture is the first germination of the college and through which the academic work of the College of Engineering and Technology in Port Said and currently pursuing the completion and opening of its divisions according  to the requirements of the work  market in Port_ Said Governorate, respectively.

Has been approved by H.E Prof. Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghafar Ismail Farag - AASTMT President on the opening of the Department of  Building and Construction of the current academic year in September 2014.