Institute Port Training

Institute Port Training aims to prepare trained Cadres needed to work in the sectors of sea ports and maritime transport is considered as one of the finest training institutes outstanding on the regional and international levels.

The Institute through groups of qualified lecturers and trainers at the highest levels to hold sessions in:

  • the field of management development programs (management and supervision - financial and accounting programs - English language programs ... etc).
  • administration program (the electronic management of ports - operation and maintenance of management information systems for the electronic ports - electronic management of the movement of ships ... etc).
  • logistics programs.
  • operating in the port.
  • Computer and Information Systems (running desktops using ms-windows- design networks - electronic office management).
  • software engineering and technical ( ports engineering work - Mechatronics - air compressors technology - safety installations) .
  • software simulators cranes and trucks ports (raising the level of the operators Overhead cranes - qualification for operators winches arena RTG - raise the level of truck drivers using the emulator) .
  • In addition, the Institute''s training courses designed according to the customers'' needs and in accordance with the standards and requirements of international standards in education and training.

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