Libraries & Information Services Center

Since its inception in 1972, the Arab Academy for Science & Technology, and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) saved no effort in supporting the educational process. And because academic libraries play a major role in supporting educational activities and enriching the academic life of students and faculty members, AASTMT established a specialized library in order to make use of the information published in different media.

Due to the change in the role libraries play in the information field in general, and the academic field in particular, the Library's name changed to "Libraries & Information Services Center." A change that was crucial due to the emergence of new information resources - in addition to books - and the growing reliance on diverse information sources that meet users' information needs.

The Center serves the academic community in all branches of the Academy. It consists of: The Main Library (Abu-Qir), Architecture Library (Abu-Qir), Maritime Library (Abu-Qir), Management Library (Miami), Sheraton Engineering Library, Sheraton Management & Logistics Library, Dokki Management & Logistics Library, Port Saeed Library, Smart Village Library, Wabour Elmaya Library, and Ganoub Elwadi Library.

The libraries are all connected through online interactive terminals to ensure easy access to the center’s in-house database. In order to offer a distinguished information service, the Center established an integrated information system that facilitates direct search through a computerized catalog and electronic databases.