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11.2.5.a Arts and heritage contribution

11.2.5.a Arts and heritage contribution

Contribute to local arts, in terms of number of annual public performances of university choirs, theatre groups, orchestras etc… either ad-hoc or as part of an ongoing programme.

The Faculty of Antiquities and Civilizational Heritage of the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport offers a degree in this specialty in Egypt in accordance with international quality standards.

The headquarters of the "Faculty of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage" was carefully selected as the city of Aswan - declared as the capital of Africa's Economy and Heritage 2017 - the main entrance to Africa in Egypt and to support its openness to the world to encourage and support tourism. The unique location of the campus is a point of excellence in terms of proximity to archaeological sites, museums, heritage and rich culture in Aswan City and makes it the perfect place to study antiquities and cultural heritage