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People Social Development Policy

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The People Social Development Policy at AASTMT reflects the institution's commitment to international collaboration, quality education, and the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals focusing on SDGs 11, 16 and 17. AASTMT aims to strengthen its global presence and promote educational excellence by facilitating mobility programs for students and faculty, fostering international R&D partnerships, and supporting exchange initiatives. The policy underscores the importance of engaging with various stakeholders, including government research endeavors, to advance academic and technological development. AASTMT also emphasizes transparency and communication channels to address the needs of its employees, students, and local communities. AASTMT offers programs in sustainable urbanism and community development, addressing the physical, social, and psychological needs of human settlements. The policy further promotes academic freedom for both teachers and students, allowing them to choose research topics and teaching methodologies. AASTMT's dedication to justice, integrity, and anti-corruption is evident throughout the policy, reflecting its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in education and research.