Sustainable Cities and Communities


SDG11 Report (2021/2022)

Safe, Green, Sustainable Cities with protected cultural and Heritage!
Spreading the culture of safe, green, and sustainable societies through dissolving its taste in different social, academic, research and consultancy activities is AASTMT methodology. AASTMT coordinates cultural and social performances to their students and surrounded local societies regularly and in different occasions by AASTian skilled employees and volunteers. Also, different nature, historical and cultural visits are arranged to introduce and protect the Egyptian and World’s cultural and natural heritage. AASTMT offers AFFORDABLE AND SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT SYSTEMS to the students and employees. AASTMT develops and improves its buildings’ structure to meet the safe, green, eco-friendly sustainable cities standards. One of the main policies of AASTMT is to support our African and Asian neighbors in all life fields developments.  
1-Inclusive and sustainable urbanization.
2-Providing access to safe and inclusive green and public spaces.
3-Reducing the environmental impact of cities.
4-Strong national and regional development planning.
5-Implementing policies for inclusion, resource efficiency and disaster risk reduction.
6-Supporting least developed countries in sustainable and resilient building.