Clean Water and Sanitation

6.5.2 Promoting conscious water usage

AASTMT Actively promotes conscious water usage on campus through campaigns, workshops, conferences, training programs, awareness, and initiatives. In 2021-2022, SDG 6 main focus was to increase public awareness, especially among school students regarding conscious water usage through launching several initiatives. In addition, approaching farmers and promoting sustainable farming and agriculture through entrepreneurship programs and spinoffs. Moreover, more public announcements for these initiatives on social media and websites.

Campaigns and Training Programs on Campus and in the Community:

This can be implemented through education and awareness by conducting workshops, seminars, and information sessions within the campus raises awareness among students, faculty, and staff about the importance of water conservation. In addition, student involvement through clubs, competitions, and projects encourages innovative thinking and problem-solving related to water conservation. Read more about Campaigns and Training Programs on Campus and in the community

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Initiatives undertaken by AASTMT can significantly promote conscious water usage by employing various strategies such as spreading Education and Awareness, help in community behavioral change, as well as increases collaboration and partnership. By combining these strategies, AASTMT can create a comprehensive approach that not only educates and raises awareness but also empowers individuals and communities to actively participate in conscious water usage, contributing significantly to sustainable water management.

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