Clean Water and Sanitation

6.3.1 Wastewater treatment

Domestic sewage from AASTMT campuses undergoes treatment at public sewage facilities before being released through sewage systems. Laboratory waste liquid is carefully collected, stored temporarily on campus, and scheduled for disposal each semester. Certified manufacturers, in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency standards, handle the transport and disposal of wastewater. AASTMT collaborates with professional companies to ensure the proper collection and disposal of waste in designated landfills. In addition, it has its own Environmental Monitoring & Climate Change Laboratory to promote and improve research activities in AASTMT and help conduct consultancies as part of extension services to the industries. The lab specializes in carrying out the following activities and studies:

  • Environmental impact assessments,
  • Water quality analysis,
  • Wastewater analysis,
  • Meteorological and climate data collection,
  • Analyzing the environmental factors in it to detect chemical components and pollution, to ensure compliance with agreed environmental conditions and standards.

An example, the Western Treatment Plant in the city of Sixth of October. This plant is one of the sewage treatment stations serving the campus waste water treatment.

Link of Evidence:

Environmental Monitoring & Climate Change Lab on AASTMT webpage [1]

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