AASTMT Research Projects

A Smart Public Parking System

Smart Autonomous IoT Agricultural Monitoring System

Monitoring, Assessment and Innovative Treatment Technology to Enhance Groundwater Quality for Irrigation toward Climate Change adaptation

Highway and Traffic Engineering: Curricular Reform for Mediterranean Area

An Efficient Power Delivery Structure for Data Centers

Smart Integrated On-Board Battery Charger for Electric Vehicle Applications (Co-PI))

Climate Change Management Through Mitigation And Adaptation (AdapTM)

High Level Renewable and Energy Efficiency Master Courses

Wind Engineering Skills in Egypt and Tunisia / WESET

Integration of sustainable DevelOpment goaLs inuniVErsities for better climate change management"INVOLVE"

Trace & Trust Hubs for MED food

Knowledge exchange in sustainable Fisheries management and Aquaculture in the Mediterranean region

Gender Equity in Cities of The Mena Region (Women's Right to The City)

Youth employment in ports of the Mediterranean

Application of renewable energy technologies for green ports: Egyptian ports as a case study

Research on Optimizing the Effect of Loads on Characteristics of Power Electronics Converters for Renewable Energy Applications

Enhancing, promoting and sustaining ethical research practices and culture in the AASTMT

Multidimensional Study of Wind Energy Potential in Alamein

Green land Green skills for a sustainable Development

Towards an Integrated Egyptian Maritime Transport Sector: Horizontal and Vertical Integration of Egyptian Commercial Ports