College Message

College Message

We understand that emergent economy business is confronted with high degrees of uncertainty, high degrees of complexity, and often excessive situations of inequality. Such a world needs innovative solutions and we cannot do with “business as usual”.

It is important that young corporate managers add to their professional knowledge and skills the ability to distinguish long-term trends from short-term fluctuations and to find solutions to management problems by viewing them from a perspective that transcends daily routine.

What makes our programs distinctive is the opportunity that it provides to develop the thinking skills and the breadth of vis
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Vision and Mission

Vision Statement:

To become the best service provider in post graduate business education in the local market & Middle East area.

Mission Statement:

To provide high quality post graduate business education for the sake of qualifying cadres to lead business & governmental institutions in the local market & Middle East area .

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College Values

College Values

  • Learners (students) come first.
  • Credibility act in accordance with principles of moral and ethical conduct ensure consistency between words and deeds.
  • No discrimination against religion, gender, nationality or management level.
  • Honesty.
  • Respect and treat others with consideration and regard.
  • Privacy.
  • Dress code.
  • Name tags.

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Fall 2018 Registration

Registration Starts:
- First Semester From 23/09/2018 To 13/10/2018.
- Second & Third &...More

Registration Spring 2017

Registration Starts 20-03-2017
Daily From 11:00am To 07:00pm
Except Friday From 01:00pm To...More

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