• The DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) focuses mainly on the application of theoretical knowledge to the advancement of management and business practices. The DBA is recognized by international business and management schools as the most appropriate post-MBA, due to its emphasis on combining academic research and business practices to further development of personal and professional skills.
  • The DBA is designed to create the leadership and efficacy that are needed to tackle the challenges of senior management on an international level.
  • This DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) applies to all MBA holders from specific disciplines in addition to certified master degree.
  • Total Credit hours The DBA program has 39 credit hours as courses and 24 credit hours as Thesis – Total of 63 credit hours
  • No. of Courses/ Program: 13 Courses (9 core courses + 4 concentration area courses + 1 Thesis proposal and seminar course) in addition to a Thesis.
  • Program Duration: The program spreads over three academic years as a minimum (maximum Six years) distributed as follows:
    1. Two years (four semesters) of course work.
    2. Every one of the first 3 semesters stands for 9 credit hours while the fourth semester contributes by 12 credits which sum the total course work to 39 credit hours.
    3. The fourth semester courses are dedicated for building skills into the specialization area in which the student will develop his/her thesis.
    4. By end of the course work phase, students are subjected for a three months of advanced readings and research seminars to develop their capacity in research and writing the reports.
    5. One year is dedicated for developing the Thesis which stands for 24 credit hours.
  • Spring intake: April \ Application Deadline: Mid of March.
  • Fall intake: October \ Application Deadline: Mid of September.
  • Classes conduction:
    • weekdays: Twice a week - From 6 to 10 pm.