President’s Word

It’s a new era not only for the Arab Academy as one of the Arab League affiliations to provide educational and training services in a wide range of disciplines, sciences and technologies but to all the Arab World. It is my great privilege and enormous pleasure to serve as the president of this significant landmark at this challenging time reflecting the vitality of our nation, its ability to confront all changing conditions and address all challenges.

The Arab Academy has always strived to fulfill its mission as the nation’s beacon of knowledge representing a significant landmark.

Since its establishment in 1972, as one of the Arab League affiliations, the Arab Academy for set the norms in the maritime education and training in the middle east region. Through a futuristic vision, correlating the Academy''s mission to its local, regional, and international ever-changing demands, the Academy extended, during the late 1980''s, its scope to the provision of bachelor degree as well as post graduate degree programs in Engineering, International Transport and Logistics, Computing and Information Technology and Management. All these programs are run adopting the latest state-of-the-art educational technology. By launching of the fifth decade of the academy, we are determined to keep the tradition and extend our edge to cover not only science and technology but also research and community services for the whole region.

Serving the needs of our students and communities is the ultimate goal of our Academy. Such objective will only be achieved through adopting adequate learning and teaching strategies, emphasis on continuous improvement, and cascading the quality culture all over the Enterprise.

In this decade, the Academy is determined and mandated to provide top quality services and proceed further as a fully accredited member of both the Association of Arab Universities and the International Universities'' Association.

The heart of the Arab Academy’s success resides in our dedicated staff, robust student body, and outstanding faculty members.

Prof. Dr. Ismail Abd Elghfar Ismail

President of AASTMT

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