College Message

We understand that emergent economy business is confronted with high degrees of uncertainty, high degrees of complexity, and often excessive situations of inequality. Such a world needs innovative solutions and we cannot do with “business as usual”.

It is important that young corporate managers add to their professional knowledge and skills the ability to distinguish long-term trends from short-term fluctuations and to find solutions to management problems by viewing them from a perspective that transcends daily routine.

What makes our programs distinctive is the opportunity that it provides to develop the thinking skills and the breadth of vision needed to play a part in the nucleus of future management.

The Graduate School of Business is a symbol of our commitment to the future. Indeed, it will provide the needed infrastructure for innovative learning. Our program redefines management education and is designed to help students engage with their learning as it inspires them to become innovative and socially responsible leaders.

If you want to make a difference in the business community of today, and you feel that this needs a more value-based, sustainable approach to management, then you are at the right address.

If you feel that there is more in the world of business than just managing the place you are in, visit us to discuss ways of boosting your career as a genuine leader. The GSB is not only one of the leading business schools in the Arab world, it is also a prominent part of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime transport which is well known for its contribution to the Arab world at large.

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