Commit yourself to simple actions

If you have been engaged with the SDGs, we thank you for your effort.
If you have not yet    become familiar with the framework, we invite you to learn more.
No matter what your passion, interests, or goals are, you are likely to find alignment with at least some of the SDGs.
1.Use environment friendly products. Replace the single-use plastic bags with multiple use bags made of environmentally friendly materials
2.Adopt energy-saving habits. Change light bulbs to led or compact fluorescents. Unplug computers, televisions, and electrical appliances after use.
3.Walk or bike. whenever possible and if not possible take public transit or carpool.
4.Request passive temperature measures in your home or office such as natural ventilation and high insulation.
5.Make every count. Conserve water by fixing drips and leaks, turn off the water while brushing teeth or shaving-save up to 6000L per year, each washing machine cycle uses 56L of water –make sure its full, choose a shower over a bath- you save 31L of water each time, shower for 1 minute less – save up to 9000L of water per year.
6.Cool wash and hang to dry. Wash clothing in cold water and hang clothing to dry outside, or indoors on a drying rack.
7.Switch to “green power.” Research where your power is coming from and urge the authorities to provide green power.
8.Recycle. Make recycling part of your daily routine. Aim to purchase items with minimal and recyclable packaging and reduce your use of plastics and disposable items. Replace the single-use plastic bags with multiple use bags made of environmentally friendly materials. Buy second hand or reconditioned electronics, and you will be saving money as well as helping to protect the planet.
9.Plants, our new best friend. Demand plants that are well suited to your climate and require minimal watering and attention. Plant a tree, and it will provide shade and soak up carbon from the atmosphere.
10.Repurpose. Rather than discarding or recycling clothing and household goods, give them a change at a second life. Gently used clothing can be donated to charity or exchanged with friends and family.
11.Become active. Join others to spread awareness for dealing with climate change.

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