Marketing Services

Marketing Plans

We help our clients with their marketing strategies so they can attain their overall strategic objectives. We provide assistance in determining target markets, developing marketing plans and evaluating its effectiveness on a regular basis, and conduct an accurate situation analysis.

In this area we help our clients develop:
  • Contingency plans.
  • Strategic Business and Functional plans.
  • Sales plans.
  • Promotional Plans.
  • Creating, developing and maintaining Marketing policies.

The brand is not about getting your target market over the competition, but it''s about your prospects, to see your company as a sole provider for the solution to their problem. For this reason we carefully help our clients in building and managing a strong brand.

In this area we help our clients develop:
  • Manage their Brands.
  • Develop a Brand personality.
  • Creating and Developing a favorable Brand Image.

Developing,Maintaing and Improving their Brand Equity.

Marketing Research

In order to take the right decision, Companies will need accurate, relevant, and updated information about the market. We provide our clients with customized marketing researches in all marketing areas that will help you take the effective decision.

In this section of our activities we conduct:
  • Industry Researches.
  • Market Researches.
  • Competitive and lost customer Analysis.
  • Exploratory and Empirical studies.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We help our clients to manage ,track and retain their profitable customers in an organized and beneficial manner also we help them to develop successful CRM programs to build the right relationships with the loyal customers.

In this section we help our customers to:
  • Develop Club membership plans.
  • Provide customized offers.
  • Choose the suitable CRM program for their business.
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

We help our clients deliver a clear, consistent and a positive message through online and offline marketing channels about their brand and organization through the use of different promotional tools.

We help our clients to:
  • Plan for the effective use of different media channels ( Event,sponsorship,advertising,personal selling,online,....etc)
  • Manage their Marketing channels.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the IMC plans.

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