AASTMT was pioneer in launching its B.Sc program for Hotels and Tourism in Management 1992. During this period, there was a shortage in qualified personnel in the field of hotels and tourism in the Egyptian and Arab markets. The Hotels and Tourism program contributes to the enhancement of Hotels and Tourism manpower qualifications in Egypt and the Arab world through expanding student’s thinking capacities and decision- making capabilities and to enable them to lead Hotels and Tourism enterprises with excellence.

Indeed, the program combines hotel and tourism management practices with educational courses to prepare students for real- world situations. It focuses on practical application, which enables students to test management theory through internships. In addition, students during their study obtain the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) certificate.

The department maintains sound relationships with other similar universities and departments in Egypt, USA, UK and Europe, in order to guarantee the continuous updating of the program according to the latest technologies and trends.

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