Feasibility Studies

If you are thinking about...

  • Starting a new project.
  • Expanding your existing business.
  • Introducing a new product or service.
  • Choosing a new location.
  • Purchasing new machinery.
  • Renovating and replacing depreciated equipment.
  • Hiring additional employment.
  • Implementing new technology…
  • and more.

MFSL/LE will provide you with comprehensive market analysis to identify business opportunities that maximize returns and minimize risks.

In a modern economy the need for MFSL/LE business solutions in conducting feasibility studies arises the moment you anticipate making strategic decisions.

If you are starting a new project, we help you focus on business alternatives and narrow it down to the most promising. We might even identify reasons why not to proceed but we would provide you with new and alternative opportunities.

And if you are an existing business, MFSL/LE feasibility studies offer you a detailed analysis for your company and its operations. We help you evaluate the impact of proposed major changes such as introducing a new product or service, changing the location, purchasing new equipment or changing technology, hiring additional employees or even the acquisition or merging with another company.

Evaluating different Alternatives

After discussion of different business ideas or scenarios,the feasibility study helps to “frame” and “flesh-out” specific business scenarios so they can be studied in-depth. During this process the number of business alternatives under consideration is usually quickly reduced.

During the feasibility process you may investigate a variety of ways of organizing the business and positioning your product in the marketplace.Just because the initial analysis is negative does not mean that the proposal does not have merit. Sometimes limitations or flaws in the proposal can be corrected.

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