Marketing has always been a challenging and creative business discipline. As a backbone of most successful multinational and global corporations, marketing presents new challenges to the business and academic world in terms of both theory and practice. The globalization of business has opened up new markets and has altered the nature of competition. The world is becoming a global village and the need for better understanding international business practices, policies and strategies is indispensable. Accordingly the College of Management and Technology has decided to establish the Department of Marketing & International Business to better focus on the marketing students’ needs, introduce new majors with an international/ global perspective and face the new challenges in the Egyptian business environment. The Department of Marketing & International Business currently offers a Major in Marketing with an international/ global perspective that faces the new challenges in the business environment. The Marketing and International Business Department currently offers an educational service giving it a practical flavor as well as getting it in touch with the corporate sector for preparing students to the real industry practices.

  • The students registered in the marketing major require finishing 34 Core courses, 12 Major courses, and any two of the elective courses to graduate.
  • Students with GPA more than 2.0 could register 6 courses equivalent to 18 credit hours per semester and 7 courses as graduation requirements in the last two semesters (Semesters 7 and 8) equivalent to 21 credit hours.
  • Each student is allowed to register 2 courses equivalent to 6 credit hours in the Summer Semester.
  • Each student could choose to register any course as long as he/ she accomplish its prerequisite.
  • The courses in the department are taught in Arabic and English.

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