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Propsed Service Quality Model To Achieve User Satisfaction/Loyalty

Collaborative Networks’ Performance Index

Conceptual Approach For Value Driven Performance In Servitising Companies

Egyptian Consumers’ Perception Of Social Media

Manage Perceived E-Learning Quality In Egyptian Context

Rethinking Management Of Educational Organisations Using Chaos Theory

Roadmap For Continuous Quality Improvement And Sustainability

Sustainable Excellence Driven Collaborative Networks

Contingent Approach To In-Firm Factors Affecting The Adoption Of Recent Management Accounting Practices Decision: A Case Study On Selected Pharmaceutical Firms In Egypt”

The Relationship Between Non-Financial Performance Indicators And Financial Outcomes: Empirical Evidence From Egyptian Retail Bank

The Effect Of Applying Enterprise Risk Management On Firm Performance: An Applied Study On Commercial Banks In Egypt

Success Factors Of Balanced Scorecard Implementation: Case Study On A Higher Education Institution

Does Ownership Structure Have An Effect On Corporate Voluntary Disclosure? An Application On An Emerging Market

Stock Price Reaction To Dividends Declaration In Emerging Stock Markets: Application On The Egyptian Stock Market

Corporate Governance In Egyptian Smes And Its Relation With Earnings Management: In Terms Of Board Of Directors Composition

A Proposed Framework To The Professional Dimensions Of Audit Quality In Egypt In Light Of Audit Quality Framework Issued By Iaasb

An Empirical Investigtion Of Service Quality Impacts On Passengers’ Satisfaction In Air Industry

The Eco-Efficiency And Sustaible National Projects In Egypt

Global Supply Chain Growth Opportunities Using Thinking Process

Harmonisation Of Port Transformation Using Supply Chain Architerature: Scor Convergance With Lean And Six Sigma

Improving Supply Chain Performance Using Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity And Ambiguity (Vuca) Drivers

Port Selection Critrria And Its Impact On Port Competitiveness

Developing A Framework Of Sustainable Rail Performance Measurement: In Reference To The Egyptian Railways

Suesz Canal Logistics Hub: Competition And Challenges

The Impact Study Of Logistics System Efficiency Of Wheat In Egypt

Transportation Sustainable Development In Egypt:

New Suez Canal Project

Does Foreign Direct Investment (Fdi) Really Matter In Developing Countries? The Case Of Egypt

Measuring Transparency And Disclosure In The Egyptian Stock Market

The Dealers Characteristics And Their Impact On Their Investment Decisions Efficiency In Egyptian Stock Exchange

The Impact Of Annoucement Of Distribution Bonus Shares On Abnormal Returns And Trading Volume In The Egyptian Stock Market

The Impact Of Institutional Ownership On The Performance Of Companies Listed In The Egyptian Stock Market

The Impact Of Ownership Duality On Firm Performance In Egyptyte

The Impact Of Share Repurchases On Liquidity And Return Volatility In Egyptian Stock Exchange

The Impact Of Stock Split On Stock Prices In The Egyptian Stock Market

The Impact Of Technical Analysis On Stock Returns In An Emerging Capital Markets (Ecm's) Country : Theoretical And Empirical

The Role Of Political Stability In Achieving Economic Development

The Effect Of Leadership Style On Talent Management Practices Comparative Study Between Public And Private Sector In Egypt

Learning Organization Practices Impact On Employee's Organizational Commitment

Workgroup Emotional Climate And Group Effectiveness Egyptian Context

The Impact Of Organizational Structure Dimensions' On Knowledge Management Processes Comparative Study Between Manufacturing & Service Sectors In Egypt

Employer Branding Impact On Employee Behavior And Attitudes Applied Study On Pharmatecual In Egypt

The Impact Of Leadership Empowerment Behavior Dimensions On Employees' Organizational Commitment "An Applied Study On The Egyptian Customs Sector"

Human Resources Management Practices & Employer Branding Comparative Study Between Service And Product Sector

Talent Management Practices Effect On Employee Engagement: Applied In Logistics Sector In Egypt

The Role Of Customized Information In Virtual Business Success

Consumer Behavior Towards Online Shopping And Social Media: Case Study Of Egypt

Comparison Of Service Quality Models Impact On Customer''s Satisfactions Of Internet Banking Srvices In Egypt

Impact Of Prices And Corporate Image On Customer Loyalty

An Empirical Study Of Effect Of Climate Structural, Technological And Human Capabilities On Employees 

How To Promote Knowledge Sharing Within Oganisations: The Cib Bank

Service Quality Dimensions And Customers’ Satisfactions Of Banks In Egypt

Conceptual Study Revolving Leadership - A Management Prospect

An Empirical Study Of The Impact Of Hr Practices On Employee Satisfaction And Employee Retention

The Impact Of Social Media On Creating New Generation Of Leaders Socioeconomic Study In The Llight Of Revolving Leadership Paradigm In Islam

Employees’ Intention To Share Knowledge: The Egyptian Banking Industry 

The Effect Of Human Resources Management Practices On Employees Loyalty

Managing Service Quality: Dimensions Of Service Quality: A Study In Egypt

Bi-Criteria Algorithm To Optimize The Assembly Of An Automobile Suspension System

Using Reliability Models To Improve Security Systems ’Performance At Minimum Cost

Analysis Of Vehicle Routing Problem With Stochastic Travel And Service Times: A Case Study

Operation Research Applications In Audit Planning And Scheduling

Lead-Time Estimation Approach Using The Process Capability Index

Enhancing The Inventory Control Effectiveness Of A Pharmaceutical Distributor In Egypt: A Case Study

Availability Design Of Supply Chain Distribution System

Antecedents And Consequences Of Management Commitment To Service Quality

Exploring The Elements That Create Appeal To Touristic Websites And Social Media

Investigating The Determinants Of Social Media Touristic Website Attractiveness In Order For People To Use For Planning Future Trip

Investigating The Impact Of The Political Change Regarding The Dominance Of The Muslim Brotherhood On Tourists’ Intentions To Visit Egypt Before The 2013 Regime Alteration

Measuring The Impact Of Specific Website Features' On Potential Tourists' Vacation Planning Choices In The Egyptian Context

An Empirical Study Of Channel Choice Triggered By Perceived Value Facets Associated With The Hospitality And Tourism Booking Experience

Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction And Job Performance As A Mediator Between Role Stressors And Turnover Intentions A Study From An Egyptian Cultural Perspective

Tourists’ Risk Aversion And Willingness To Take Risks: The Case Of Tourists Visiting Egypt After 25th January Revolution

Tourists’ Souvenir Buying Behavior And Retailers’ Consciousness Of Egypt Visitors Souvenir Buying Profile

The Influence Of Total Quality Management (Tqm) On The Integrated Innovation Management (Iim) As A Superior Competitive Intelligence Towards Sustainability In Higher Education Institutions

Exploring The Impact Lean Performance Management ( Lpm) Towards Superior Sustainable Value- Based(Ssvb) Organization As A Competitive Intelligence

The Impact Of Maturing Integrating Risk Management (Mirm) On The Efficiency Of The Financial Leverage Decisions In Developing Competitive Intelligence 

The Effectiveness Of Strategic Human Resources Management (Hrm) On Developing The Lean Centric Approach (Lca) Towards Integrated Supply Chain Management (Iscm Sustainability

Effectiveness Of English Language Teaching (Elt) Community Integration With Quality Management (Qm) In Sustaining Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages (Tesol) Best Practices To Optimize Stakeholders Satisfaction

The Effectiveness Of Information And Communication Technologies (Icts) On The Sustainable Efficiency Of Education Learning Systematic Processes

The Assessment Of Strategic Risk-Oriented Management (Srom) In Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The Impact Of Values-Based Branding (Vbb) On The Strategic Sustainability Decision Of The Supply Chain Management As A Superior Competitive Advantage

The Business Transformation Management (Btm) And Its Impact On The Continuous Quality Improvement(Cqi)


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