Training Department

ISC also has a Training Department to serve industrial entities and individuals, by conducting concise and long training programs which are designed in cooperation with the companies’ training departments either in the companies or in the our workshops.

By the end of the training programs, trainees get certified from SQA or Pearson which accredit TVI’s programs.

For Example, We provided training to Fresh for Home Appliances Company, Ezz El Dkheela Steel Company, Suez Canal Container Terminal and Suez Canal Authority.

One of the most important and common training programs is welding under water in cooperation with Industry Training Council. The training was provided for 150 trainees in Alexandria, Ismailia and Port Said. We were also the pioneers in training the first two females in the Middle East

The ISC also has a Logistics and Marketing Unit which is responsible for providing all the success elements for any professional training in cooperation with the companies’ administrations.

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