Corporate Social Responsibility

AASTMT has been keen on playing a vital role in the area of Social Responsibility through a variety of academic and non-academic activities with the aim of affecting positive development in the social, economic and environmental areas not only in the region and the Arab World but that also bears fruit on the whole world.
These web pages provide information on our CSR initiatives and activities on both the local and international levels.


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AASTMT’s vision is to create responsible young men and women who not only invest in themselves through a distinguished education but also share in making the world a better place to live in for the less privileged fellow citizens. That is why AASTMT creates varied opportunities for both its students and staff to play an active role in carrying out their social responsibility towards their community.


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AASTMT has held and continues to hold conferences that enhance awareness, discuss and pose professional and innovative approaches to addressing the different challenges that face the world, last of which is the upcoming conference entitled “An innovative approach to green growth”.
The Arab Youth Forum

Campaigns & Events

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AASTMT has launched numerous campaigns that aim at counteracting different negative social phenomena, like addiction, smoking, etc… or promoting and encouraging positive responsible behavior, like going green, charity, cleanliness, healthy eating, etc…



AASTMT Memorandum Of Understanding with the Children`s Cancer Hospital 57357

Within AASTMT active Social Responsibility role, H.E Prof. Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghafar Ismail Farag – AASTMT President paid a visit to the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 in Cairo, on Monday 21- 12- 2015, where he met Prof. Dr. Sharif Abul-Naga – the hospital`s General Manager for Learning and Development and signed a memorandum of understanding between AASTMT and the hospital.

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President of the Enable Community Foundation at AASTMT

Latest Events

  • Beginning of registration and paying tuition fees

    Beginning of registration and paying tuition fees

  • Lesser Bairam

    (day before Lesser Bairam Saturday 19/9)

  • Beginning of Study for (old and new students)

    Beginning of Study for (old and new students)

  • Tuesday 6 October

    Tuesday 6 Octoberay

  • Mid term evaluation

    Mid term evaluation

  • Day before Greater Bairam

    Day before Greater Bairam

  • Greater Bairam

    Greater Bairam

  • First day of hejri year

    First day of hejri year