Community Service


" زيارة الأكاديمية إلى مُستشفى أبو الريش " 

يوم السبت الموافق 3 ديسمبر 2016

وشارك في الزيارة طلبة من الاكاديمية بكل فروعها (اسكندرية – القاهرة – بورسعيد)، برئاسة الدكتور/ إيناس برسوم مستشار رئيس الأكاديمية لشئون الطلاب و الدكتور / حسام شوقي ـ عميد شئون الطلبة  الأسكندرية ، والدكتور طارق مصطفى ـ وكيل كليه الهندسه لشئون الطلاب بأبوقير ، حيث قام طُلاب بتوزيع الهدايا علي الاطفال، والبلونات، والتصوير معاهم، بالإضافة إلي وجود شخصيات كرتونية.        

Orphans'' Day   AASTIANS ... I am Proud of you all
AASTMT Dokki hosted an awareness raising session that targeted 60 mothers from the less advantaged area of DayrElNahia.
The session was given by two young ladies/physicians from Baheya Hospital.
Orphans'' Day was also celebrated hosting more than 70 kids who enjoyed a lovely meal and had a great time with our students and Faculty members       Medical Caravans

AASTMT is keen on providing its surrounding community with all the services that it could. Hence it organized a series of Medical Caravans along the previous four years, recruiting a number of dedicated top level medical professionals to go to some of the marginalized areas in Egypt and provide their services and also medicine for the least privileged citizens.



Celebrating Orphans’ Day

All over its different branches, AASTMT students, academic and administrative staff have been keen on celebrating Orphans’ Day every year. It has been the custom of each branch to host groups of orphans at the AASTMT premises. Each branch excelled in competing to bring joy to the hearts and minds of those little underprivileged kids.


  The Egyptian Woman

Out of the firm belief in the crucial role that women play in the society, AASTMT runs periodical awareness raising campaigns targeting the empowerment of Egyptian women living in marginalized areas of Egypt. These include giving them all sorts of medical tips as to the upbringing of their children, healthy eating, cleanliness, etc… AASTMT brings experts in effectively communicating with these ladies and tries to follow up on the implantation of the ideas that each of those sessions promoted. A little gift is always AASTMT way of encouraging them and thanking them for their interest and participation.

 Smoke Free ... Drug Free ... I AM FREE

AASTMT has launched a huge Campaign starting from Smart Village Campus under the slogan:
Smoke Free ... Drug Free ... I AM FREE to raise youth awareness about the dangers of addiction of any sort
The campaign is held under the auspices of his Excellency Prof Dr Ismail Abdel Ghafaar Ismail Farag, AASTMT President and is scheduled to tour all AAST branches from Alexandria to Aswan, passing by Port Said, Cairo (Sheraton) and Dokki Giza ...
The campaign is carried out in collaboration with Drug Control Fund of the Egyptian Cabinet