The ICMISI 2024 Conference is established to facilitate the state-of-the-art research, innovation, and development activities at the frontiers of Artificial Intelligence, Machine intelligence and Smart Technology.


 On the Margin of the International Conference on Machine Intelligence and Smart Innovation (ICMISI2024), the IEEE WIE Egypt Section is organizing the EWiEST Women Empowerment Workshop “Empowering Women and Girls in Engineering, Science and Technology". Great opportunity to further Women in Engineering’s mission to advance technology for women in STEM. Technical skills, capacity-building training, and mentorship are important keys for career advancement in industry. However, ensuring career growth while remaining as a promoter of diversity and inclusion will help the community in earn a balanced mindset to nurture your potential and recognize other talents thus creating a great networking platform for all individuals around you. The workshop and panel discussion will support diversity, equity, and inclusion in the youth path to industry to enhance the efficiency of potential work with the help of diverse talents.

The EWiEST Workshop will have Two Panel Discussions and Coffee Talks introduced by top talented speakers.

SESSION 1: Supporting Young Women in Developing Their Careers and Reaching Leadership Positions"

SESSION 2: Experience, Challenges, and the Importance of Mentorship and Multilateral Collaboration in Supporting Women and Girls in Technological Advances