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Computer Engineering

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CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA113 Physics None Course material
BA123 Mathematics I None Course material
BA124 Mathematics II BA123 Course material
BA141 Engineering Mechanics I None N/A
CC111 Introduction to Computers None Course material
IM111 Industrial Relations None Course material
LH131 ESP 1 NoneN/A
ME151 Engineering Drawing and Projection None N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA114 Physics II BA113 Course material
BA118 Chemistry None N/A
BA142 Engineering Mechanics II BA141 N/A
CC112 Structured Programming CC111 Course material
IM112 Manufacturing Technology NoneN/A
LH132 ESP 2 LH131 N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA223 Mathematics III BA124 Course material
CC213 Programming Applications CC112 Course material
CC218 Discrete Mathematics CC111 Course material
EE231 Electrical Circuits (1) BA124 Course material
LH231 Technical Report Writing LH132 N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA224 Mathematics IV BA223 Course material
CC215 Data Structures CC212N/A
CC216 Digital Logic Design CC111 Course material
EC218 Measurements & Instrumentation EE231N/A
EC238 Electronics I EE231 Course material
EE232 Electrical Circuits (2) EE231 Course material

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA323 Mathematics 5 BA224 Course material
CC317 Digital System Design CC216 N/A
CC319 Advanced Programming CC215 N/A
EC320 Communication Theory BA224 & EE231 N/A
EC339 Electronics (2) EC238 Course material
EE328 Electrical Power and Machines EE232 Course material

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA326 Mathematics 6 Probability and Statistics BA124N/A
CC311 Computer Architecture CC317 Course material
CC316 Object-Oriented Programming CC319 N/A
CC331 Data & Computer Communications EC320 Course material
CC341 Digital Electronics EC238 N/A
NE364 Engineering Economy 54 Credit Hours N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
CC410 Systems Programming CC319 N/A
CC413 Numerical Analysis CC112 , BA224 N/A
CC414 Database Systems CC319 Course material
CC421 Microprocessors Systems CC311N/A
EE418 Automatic Control Systems EE329 or EE328+BA323 Course material

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
CC415 Data Acquisition Systems CC421N/A
CC416 Computer Graphics CC319 N/A
CC418 Operating Systems CC410 N/A
CC431 Computer Networks CC331 Course material
IM400 Practical Training 90 Credit HoursN/A
IM423 Operations Research 90 Credit Hours Course material

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
CC501 Graduation Project I GPA 2.0&Cr.Hrs 138 N/A
CC511 Artificial Intelligence CC218 & CC319 N/A
CC531 Advanced Networks CC431N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
CC513 Computing Systems CC418 & CC421 N/A
IM535 International Operations Management 108 Credit Hours N/A

Elective courses
CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse material
NE264 Scientific Thinking None Course material
NE465Creative Awareness None Course material
NE466Environmental Science & Technology None N/A

Elective courses
CC525Intelligent Robotics CC319 & EE418 N/A
CC550Selected Topics in Computing 138 CHN/A
CC540Computer Systems Engineering 138 CHN/A
CC539Selected Topics in Networks CC531 N/A
CC537Computer Forensics 138 CHN/A
CC533Internetwork Programming CC431 N/A
CC529Distributed and Parallel Systems CC418 & CC431 N/A
CC528Computer Systems Performance Analysis 138 CHN/A
CC527Computer Aided Design CC311 & CC341 N/A
CC412Computing Algorithms CC319 N/A
CC524Neural Networks CC112 & BA323N/A
CC523Computer Design and Performance Evaluation CC311N/A
CC521Micro-Computer Based Design CC415 N/A
CC518Data Security CC319 N/A
CC517Modeling and Simulation CC319 & BA326 N/A
CC516Image Processing & Pattern Recognition CC416 N/A
CC515Introduction to Software Engineering CC319 & CC414 N/A