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Why Computer Engineering in AASTMT

Computer Engineering in the AASTMT offers exciting opportunities for students and faculty in the rapidly evolving fields of computer engineering, digital systems and information technology.

Students in the Computer Engineering department enjoy a wide variety of facilities from which are well equipped laboratories for networking, digital systems, microprocessors, programming and Micro-controller-based systems. For every group of students there exists a guide that will help them choose which courses they should register per semester and will follow up their progress along the semester to help them achieve better grades.

The main objective of our program at AASTMT is to produce and qualify graduate computer engineers that satisfy the following characteristics:

  • Possess the ability to design computers and computer-based systems that include both hardware and software to solve novel engineering problems, subject to trade-offs involving a set of competing goals and constraints. In this context, “design” refers to a level of ability beyond “assembling” or “configuring” systems.
  • Have a breadth of knowledge in mathematics and engineering sciences, associated with the broader scope of engineering and beyond that narrowly required for the field.
  • Acquire and maintain a preparation for professional practice in engineering.
  • Demonstrate the ability to design, develop, implement, and improve integrated systems that include people, materials, information, equipment and energy.
  • Provide strong ties and linkages between the local economic sectors and industrial communities with the department graduates in areas related to research, hands-on training, and field investigations.