Marketing and International Business

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CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
ACC111E Principles of Accounting (1) None
BIS111E Introduction to Information Systems (1) None
ECO111E Microeconomics None
ENG111E English for Business (1) None
MGT111E Principles of Management (1) None
MTH111E Math (1) None

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
ACC121E Principles of Accounting (2) ACC111ECourse material
BIS121E Introduction to Information System (2) BIS111E
ECO121E Macroeconomics ECO111E
ENG121E English for Business (2) ENG111E
MGT121E Principles of Management (2) MGT111E
MTH121E Math (2) MTH111E

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
ACC221E Intermediate Accounting I ACC121E
LAW211E Business Law None
MGT211E Organizational Behavior MGT121E
MGT212E Operations Research MGT121E
MKT211E Principles of Marketing MGT121E
STA211E Descriptive Statistics MTH111E

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
FIN221E Financial Management STA211E,ACC121E,MGT1
MGT221E Production & Operations Mgt. MGT212E
MGT222E Research Methodology STA211E, MGT121E
MKT221E Marketing Management None
MKT222E Consumer Behavior None

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BIS318E Introduction to E-Business BIS121E
MGT311E Human Resources Mgt. MGT211E
MGT312E Materials & Logistics Management MGT212E
MKT311E Digital Marketing MKT211E
MKT312E New Product Planning MKT221E
MKT314E Integrated Marketing Communication None

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
MGT321E International Business Administration MGT121E, ECO121E
MGT322E International Trade ECO121E
MKT321E Marketing Research None
MKT322E Advertising Management MKT314E
MKT324E Customer Relationship Management MKT211E

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
MGT411E Organizational Analysis & Design MGT211E
MKT411E Distribution and Retailing Management MKT221E
MKT412E Brand Management MKT211E
MKT413E Public Relations MKT314E
MKT414E Graduation Project 1 MKT314E
MKT415E Sales Management MKT314E

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
MGT421E Strategic Management MKT211E, MGT311E
MKT421E Marketing and the Society MKT211E
MKT422E Business to Business Marketing MKT211E
MKT423E Entrepreneurial Marketing MKT211E
MKT424E Services Marketing MKT211E
MKT425E Graduation Project 2 MKT414E

Elective courses
ELC487EContemporary Issues in Business & Economics None
ELC475ETheatrical Arts None
ELC476EMarketing for Not-For-Profit Organizations None
ELC477ECultural Affairs None
ELC478EEconomic of Recourses & Environment None
ELC479EChemistry (1) None
ELC480EPhysics (1) None
ELC481EIntroduction to Travel and Tourism None
ELC482EEgyptian History None
ELC483EPhysical Education 3 None
ELC484EPhysical Education 2 None
ELC485EPhysical Education 1 None
ELC486EPrinciples of Sociology None
ELC474EPhysics (2) None
ELC488EMusic 3 None
ELC489EMusic 2 None
ELC491EMusic 1 None
ELC492EPsychology None
ELC493EFrancais Des Affairs None
ELC494EArabic for Business None
ELC495EEmotional Intelligence and Body Language None
ELC496EIntroduction to Human Nutrition None
ELC497EEtiquette Nnoe
ELC498ECPR and First Aids None
ELC499EArt Appreciation None
ELC462EComputer Applications in Business None
ELC451EEgyptian Culture and Civilization None
ELC452EHistory of Egypt None
ELC453EEvents Management and Planning None
ELC454EFrench Language None
ELC455EItalian Language None
ELC456ENutrition and Public Health None
ELC457EDestination Geography None
ELC458EBusiness Intelligence None
ELC459ESelected Topics in ERP None
ELC460EAdvanced ERP None
ELC461EE-Learning None
ELC450EFood production None
ELC463EMobile Commerce None
ELC464ESystem Thinking None
ELC465EAdvanced Programming None
ELC466EERP Applications None
ELC467EIntelligent Computing None
ELC468ESoftware Requirement Engineering None
ELC469EHuman Computer Interaction None
ELC470ETourism Marketing None
ELC471ESpeech & Communication Skills None
ELC472EGraphical Design and Copyrighting None
ELC473EChemistry (2) None