Admission Requirements

 Matriculation Requirements:

  • Holder of the High School (Thanawiya Amma) certificate or any equivalent certificate. Medical fitness for the Nautical, Marine Engineering and Fisheries Technology departments.
  • The student must not exceed 22 years at the beginning of classes and must declare his military conscription status.
  • Sitting for the English Placement Test .
  • The student in the Marine Engineering Technology can complete their studies to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering after the fifth semester if they have met the requirements of admission in the College of Engineering and Technology.

Enrollment Documents and Fees:

  1. An official extract according to the type of the student certificate:
  • High School (Thanawya Amma): A certificate, or an official extract, of successful completion of High School (Thanawya Amma).
  •  A copy of ID card or passport.
  1. A copy of parent/ guardian ID card or passport.
  2. Four personal Photos (6 x 4).
  3. Payment the submission and enrollment fees (Non-refundable).
  4. Mental and physical medical Certificate.
  5. A letter of embassy approval of the student admission to the Academy. This is a must for students whose embassies require that approval
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