Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation


  • Alexandria
  • There are 6 student hotels within Abu Kir campus, providing 4 stars accommodation along with world class restaurants. Single and double rooms are available with the highest standards, and are maintained by professional staff. There is a separate hotel for girls on the campus as well.


  • Elalamein
  • There are 69 rooms (Single Room, Double Room, Triple Room) in Academy-owned or Academy-run student residences or rooms made available to students through a partnership in the city for which an agreement is mandatory in the most recently available academic year (12 month period).

    Port Said

  • Port Said
  • There are 450 Rooms (Single Rooms - Double Rooms - Triple Rooms)

    South Valley

  • South Valley
  • There are 84 Rooms (Single Rooms - Double Rooms - Triple Rooms).


  • Aida IV
  • Aida IV has an accommodation of 55 Rooms * 8 persons (440 Students) dedicated for cadets and a gym and fitness rooms.