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Lead Auditor Management Systems CQI|IRCA Accredited

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  • The CQI is the global chartered body for quality professionals with a unique network of 20,000 members worldwide. CQI encompass the whole quality community, including quality management professionals and management systems auditors, through its specialist division the IRCA the world largest professional body of its kind.
  • CQI|IRCA improves the performance of organisations by developing their capability in quality management. They define and lead the quality profession, setting the standards for its capability and scope through the CQI Competency Framework.
  • The CQI is the only organisation in the world that can award chartered status to quality professionals an unrivalled mark of excellence, which makes its brand one of the most trusted.
  • The CQI supports the development of good governance, agile assurance and a culture of continuous improvement through membership services, training, learning and thought leadership. For more information about the CQI,visit CQI|IRCA.


  • PQI is the pioneer among the Arab world to develop the Auditor/Lead Auditor courses certified by IRCA in 2006. The AIP Dep. At PQI , designed a series of Lead Auditor courses to include QMS, EMS, FSMS, OHSMS, EnMS and ISMS Lead Auditor courses.
  • PQI is authorized to present their CQI|IRCA certified Lead auditor courses in Arabic as they were the first to address the Arab speaking delegates. Since then, the AIP Dpt. is continuously developing its courses to cover a wide array of management system schemes.
  • PQI developed the two days transition courses that help delegates to transition to the newly issued standards for the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS) and the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems (EMS).
  • PQI has a pool of tutors who fulfills the CQI|IRCA certification requirements for all schemes, starting from Under training tutors, Second tutors and up toLead Tutors.
  • PQI is now an ATP of CQI|IRCA delivering its Certified Training courses to thousands of professionals. Registration ID.

Why choose CQI and IRCA Certified Training?

  • Develop the skills you need:
  • - each certified course has been designed alongside industry experts and ensure the development of the right skills, knowledge and expertise to excel as a quality professional.
  • Enhance your career prospects:
  • - Employers highly value professionals that invest in their own learning and development. Gain the most relevant up-to-date knowledge and skills that will improve your career prospects and make you more employable.
  • Learn from the best:
  • - Certified courses are independently assessed by the leading professional bodies for quality and auditing, the CQI|IRCA ensuring the highest standard of training delivered by PQI .

Series of CQI|IRCA Certificated Training Courses: