Oil Spill Combating

  • Environment Protection and Crisis Management Center


  • Overview of Spill Response
  • Fate and Behavior of Spilled Oil
  • Booms Selection, Deployment, Configurations and Failures
  • Skimmers Deployment and Operation
  • Video: The Oil Spill
  • Practical Demonstration
    • Site Safety
    • Operation of Oil Skimmers
  • Operation of Dispersants System Selection, Deployment, Configurations and Failures
  • Chemical Health Hazards of Oil
  • Maintenance and Storage of Oil Spill Combating Equipment
  • Shoreline Types and Clean-Up
  • Video: Exxon Valdiz
  • Oil spill logistics operation
  • Video: containment and recovery
  • Practical Exercise: Deployment of Booms
    • Shoreline Cleanup


Environment Protection and Crisis


  • Data will be available soon!

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