River Nile Pollution Risk Assessment

  • Environment Protection and Crisis Management Center


  • River Transportation System
  • Response Plan for River Nile Pollution incidents
  • Introduction to the Integrated Environmental Management of Water Resources
  • Oil Spill Containment and Recovery
    Containment Booms: Design, selection and uses, Deployment, configuration and limitations
  • Oil Spill Containment and Recovery
    Oil Skimmers: Characteristics, operation and deployment
    Standards for Establishing River Ports
  • Proposed Integrated Environmental Management Plan
    for River Ports
  • Oil Spill Containment and Recovery, Sorbents
  • Practical Demonstration: Safety at the Spill Site - Operation of Oil Skimmers - Operation of Dispersant System
  • Practical Exercise at Abou Qir Bay: Deployment of Booms
  • River Nile Water Quality Assessment
  • Case Study for River Nile Pollution incident
  • Incident Command System
  • River Nile Logistics Network
  • Risk Assessment
  • Role of Technology in Crisis Management: Surface water Modeling System
  • Role of Technology in Crisis Management: Remote Sensing
  • Role of Technology in Crisis Management: Geographic Information System


Environment Protection and Crisis


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