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Nautical Engineering

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CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA113 Physics None Course material
BA123 Mathematics I None Course material
BA141 Engineering Mechanics I None N/A
CC111 Introduction to Computers None Course material
D101 Leadership I None N/A
LH131 ESP 1 NoneN/A
ME151T Eng. Drawing and Projection None N/A
MT112T Marine Safety None N/A
P101 Physical Education I None N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA114 Physics II BA113 Course material
BA118 Chemistry None N/A
BA124 Mathematics II BA123 Course material
BA142 Engineering Mechanics II BA141 N/A
CC112 Structured Programming CC111 Course material
D102 Leadership II D101 N/A
IM112 Manufacturing Technology NoneN/A
LH132 ESP 2 LH131 N/A
P102 Physical Education II P101 N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA223 Mathematics III BA124 Course material
D203 Leadership III D102 N/A
LH231 Technical Report Writing LH132 N/A
ME231T Thermodynamics BA114 N/A
ME252T Mechanical Engineering Drawing ME151T N/A
P203 Physical Education III P102 N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA224 Mathematics IV BA223 Course material
D204 Leadership IV D203 N/A
EE218 Instrumentation & Measurements EE239 Course material
IM212 Manufacturing Process 1 IM112Course material
MM211T Marine Engineering I None N/A
MM221T Marine Diesel Engines I ME231T N/A
MM241T Naval Architecture & Ship Construction None N/A
P204 Physical Education IV P203 N/A
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