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General Statement

The College’s approach to education is based on a forward-looking vision anchored in reality. The College has been, and will continue to be, the model for maritime education and training in the world. The study programs combine formal academic studies leading to the B.Tech. Degree, course work and practical experience at sea qualifying for certification as Deck Officers (Third Mate, Second Mate, First Mate and Master), and Marine Engineer Officers (Third Engineer, Second Engineer and Chief Engineer).

The achievements of our graduates in all walks of life attest to their personal resourcefulness and to the quality and nature of the education they acquired as Marine Cadets.

Integral to Maritime education is the Sea Training Terms when cadets get both technical and leadership experience operating the Academy's ship AIDA IV on training trips to foreign and domestic ports. The sea terms experience meets the requirements of the International STCW Convention for license eligibility and adds important dimensions to the overall education of cadets, especially teamwork, responsibility, decision-making, human relations, international relations and hands-on-training with machinery and technical systems. Cadets are not passengers on AIDA IV they are part of the crew. The unique combination of fully accredited college majors and the Marine License prepares our graduates for challenging careers based on professional competence, academic excellence, teamwork experience and self-discipline.

Through its open-channel system of education and training, the College offers Bachelor, Diploma, Master and Doctorate degree in a wide range of career specialization in Maritime Transport Technology.

The College of Maritime Transport and Technology also provides professional training in shipping and ports operations in the form of short and long specialized professional courses, programs, seminars, and workshops for the maritime sector corporations.

The Study Programs of the College lead to various degrees, certificates and diplomas within the special application of Credit Hour System, which offers the student a higher degree of flexibility in deciding upon his academic and/or professional study program within a cumulative and progressive system that best matches the student’s interests, capabilities and career advancement options.

The upgrading specialized study programs offered by the College are designed to provide sea personnel with the opportunity to qualify for obtaining the required level of Certificates of Competency in accordance with the applicable international standards which govern certification of seagoing personnel worldwide.

The College’s students (Nautical and Marine Engineering students) are required to stay for two years in the Academy’s hostels. This is attributed to the fact that service at sea commands a high standard of good behavior, discipline and a sense of leadership. Therefore, the Academy aims at enhancing the student’s sense of responsibility, devotion to work, and pride in his profession.

At the end of 1994, the Marine Engineering Department became one of the departments of the College of Maritime Transport and Technology. Later on, its name was changed to become Marine Engineering Technology Department. In 1995, the Department of Navigation was given a new name: The Nautical Department.

Through its Departments and educational and training centers, The College of Maritime Transport and Technology offers a considerable number of study programs leading to the following Degrees and Certificates of Competency:

  • B. Tech in Maritime Transport Technology (Navigation), coupled with Second Mate Certificate of Competency
  • Third Mate / Second Mate Certificate of Competency
  • First Mate Certificate of Competency
  • Master Certificate of Competency
  • B. Tech. in Marine Engineering coupled with Third Marine Engineer Certificate of Competency
  • Third Engineer Certificate of Competency
  • Second Marine Engineer Certificate of Competency
  • Chief Engineer Certificate of Competency

In addition to these Degrees and Certificates of Competency study programs, the College offers two major types of short/long-term certificate courses for the maritime-related community at large. These courses are designed and tailored according to requirements of trainees. The College of Maritime Transport and Technology operates and maintains a large number of teaching and training aids and facilities, such as:

  • Marine Engineering Workshop
  • Diesel Engine Workshop
  • Manufacturing Metal Workshop

The College maintains sound relationships with a number of universities, institutes and administrations such as the World Maritime University, Sweden, Southampton Institute, U.K, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Main Maritime Academy, USA, Nigerian Maritime Administration, Dubai World (DP World), United Arab Shipping Company, UAE, University of King Abd-Elaziz, KSA, Kuwait Oil Company, University of Huddersfield, UK, Piri Reis Maritime University, Istanbul, Turkey.

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