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The Program introduces students to the theoretical and scientific bases and enables them to acquire professional competency, which meets future needs and job opportunities in Syria and abroad. It also aims at preparing graduates capable of imagination, creative thinking, problem solving and critical thinking and having the ability to conceptualize and create efficient, beautiful designs that satisfy the multiplicity of human, social & ecological needs. The role of the architects is not only to design building but he also has to understand the relationship between people and buildings, and between buildings and their environment. A prime goal of the program is to prepare graduates specialized in architectural engineering and environmental design, able to organize livable environments on all levels: isolated buildings or building complexes (Architecture), both externally and internally (Interior Design), relationship between buildings (Urban Design), the way they relate to their surroundings (Landscape Architecture), and Town and Regional Planning.

Beside the architectural and urban design the graduate is able to deal with modern tools & technologies and also to undertake activities related to research, futuristic approach, and development.