Mission - COE Latakia | AASTMT
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The mission of the department of Architecture is to develop young architects, not only with creative minds, but also to be equipped with knowledge and indispensable skills and to provide architects able to challenge the great global environmental tribulations. The department works on graduating young architects that have the courage to act on their beliefs sensibly and with responsibility towards global resources

The department focuses on the total development of each graduate: intellectual skills that will allow them to analyze problems, find solutions and provide innovative designs and ideas. With professional and practical skills, our graduates will be capable to challenge the market and be first runners in their chosen field

The department assures to equib architects with transferable skills, which allow them to express their personal opinion freely and work coherently as part of a team. Additionally, they will be able to seek knowledge independently, set aims, objectives, and plan to meet them

The program has been carefully designed and continuously updated according to the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt (SCU). Further improvements have been introduced into the program to match the recommendations of Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the National Academic Referance Standards (NARS), to meet the requirements for accreditation and to ensure quality of education and student''s experience.