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Markets & Job Opportunities

Everything related to the built environment, belongs to the domain of the architects. They are front - runners in the challenge to create a new - world in the Twenty First Century.

Architects can be employed by large private or public enterprises, consulting firms, governmental or local authorities...etc, whether in Arab, African or foreign countries. The graduates live up to the standards and requirements of the GAT Agreement such that they can compete on the highest levels.

Architects are qualified to work as architectural designers and can gain further qualifications to become interior designers, planners, landscape architects or conservation specialists. They can also work in the field of contracting, execution, tender preparation & evaluation, and/or the field of research & studies, or feasibility studies and project management as well as maintenance & restoration of buildings.

Some architects prefer to work independently or to be partners or employees in small firms. Generally young architects work for different kinds of employers in their early years, once they have gained enough experience, many set up in practice on their own.