Recently, there have been continuous developments in the field of media over the whole world. Managing media tools is becoming increasingly important for the development and implementation of effective media plans and programs. The CMT, AASTMT is one of the leading colleges in the Middle East that is committed to adapting to such improvements especially in education and is uniquely positioned in the Middle East to respond to these changes.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BSc.) in media management will provide students with the knowledge of research, practice and technology related to media management. The knowledge and style of education qualifies students to work individually and/ or in teams and fosters an innovative and flexible learning atmosphere. A friendly and highly supportive climate will encourage close student-faculty contact. The main aim of the BSc. in media management is to create experiential and innovative learning environment that will develop distinctive media planners, managers, consultants and leaders in the Middle East.

Media Management is a four- year, full-time undergraduate degree that will prepare and develop students for a wide range of jobs in media industry. The study will be only pursued in English and will focus on media management and mass communication, management and economics, Strategic planning, research methods for media, and technology for media planning and production. Media Students must earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 and complete 144 credit hours of approved work at the CMT to fulfill the requirements and obtain the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in Media Management.


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