Our Objectives

  • The main objective of the forum is to function as a lobbying and advocacy body on women’s concerns at the national, regional and international levels.
  • The forum aims to build on and deepen the IMO gender mainstreaming approach, especially when addressing such challenges as the achievement of women’s full participation in leadership and decision-making in the maritime sector in most of the Arab countries.
  • Laying out a strategy for maritime women empowerment.
  • Establishing the mechanisms that are necessary for the implementation of the given strategy.
  • Capacity building is crucial and the IMO prospective training programs aim to target all levels: decision-makers, middle management and graduate students.
  • Conducting seminars in order to upgrade the professional skills of maritime women.
  • Advocating the immediate participation of all Arab countries during the Arab Committee Meeting – under the auspices of the Arab League of States, 9-10 September 2007.
  • Networking with other similar women empowerment forums and organizations.

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