Protocol and Public Relation | AASTMT

Our Activities & Services

Protocol, Public Relations & Communications affairs provides the following services:

- Communicates with the internal and external communities in order to achieve the mission and aims of AASTMT.

- Provides visa services to the students and employees.

- Assists AASTMT employees with travel documentation.

- Assists students and employees with the attestation and document formalities at governmental sectors.

- Organizes seminars, conferences, ceremonies, exhibitions, workshops, and meetings on and off campus.

- Arranges and provides protocol services, logistical support, and meet and greet services to the guests of the AASTMT.

- Plans and coordinates corporate meetings with top management.

- Arranges logistical services for all organized events of the AASTMT.

- Communicates with the AASTMT community via social media outlets.

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