Monday, 27th May, 2024


The department for Accredited International Programs (AIP) was established in 2014 upon the need of PQI for a qualified department to handle the accreditation programs authorized by international organizations such as the: International Association for Six Sigma certification, in order to develop the premier training programs in the field of Quality and related topics. Our basic job is to design extensive training programs and certification, designed to give knowledge about management, quality and standardization, to our customers and partners within Egypt and on to those on the regional level as well. Today we are constantly delivering training programs on the highest quality level, which companies need to rise to the top and stay there. We have developed, and became IASSC authorized training center, IASSC examination center regarding the Six Sigma training courses. The (AIP) had now grauated about 175 Certified Candidates with diffrent Belts.

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