ICaTAS 2017 Program Summary
AASTMT Abou Qir Main Campus – Alexandria


Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

11:30-11:45 MOA Signing Ceremony Between AASTMT and UTM



Keynote Speech (1):
Monozukuri Concept in My Research Skill up and Collaboration with Companies

By: Prof. Tomoya TSUJI
Professor, Department of Chemical Process Engineering (CPE)
Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Main Hall
12:45-13:15 Keynote Speech (2):
Systems Engineering - A Cost Effective Low Risk Product Development Process

By: Prof. Hossny Elsherief
Adjunct Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California Riverside, Riverside, California, USA
Main Hall
13:15-14:15 Technical Session 1
Expand Your Knowledge and See How Innovative Technologies are Used in a Variety of Researches and Industries. Learn How the Right Tools Play a Part in Exciting New Engineering Trends and Technologies.

By: National Instruments
14:30-16:00 Session 1
UWB Antenna & MIMO Systems
Session 2
OFDM & Modern Communication Systems
Session 3
Power and Control Engineering
Room (A) Room (B) Room (C)
16:00-17:00 LUNCH

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

10:00-11:30 Session 4
Antenna Design
Session 5
Signal Processing
Session 6
Computer Engineering
Room (A) Room (B) Room (C)
11:30-12:00 BREAK
12:00-13:00 Session 7
Mechanical Engineering
Session 8
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Room (A) Room (B)  
13:00-14:30 Session 9
Biomedical Engineering & Electronic Devices
Session 10
Cognitive Radio and Secure Communication
Room (A) Room (B)  
14:30-15:30 Closing Ceremony
Hall (1)
15:30-16:30 LUNCH


ICaTAS Technical Program
Invited Keynote Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

12:15-12:45 Keynote Speech I
Main Hall
Chair Prof. Rubaiya Yusof
Keynote Speaker Prof. Tomoya TSUJI
Monozukuri Concept in My Research Skill up and Collaboration with Companies
12:45-13:15 Keynote Speech II
Main Hall
Chair Prof. Khaled Shehata
Keynote Speaker Prof. Hossny Elsherief
Systems Engineering - A Cost Effective Low Risk Product Development Process
13:15-14:15 Industrial Session
Main Hall
  National Instruments (NI) Expand Your Knowledge and See How Innovative Technologies are Used in a Variety of Researches and Industries. Learn How the Right Tools Play a Part in Exciting New Engineering Trends and Technologies.
14:30-16:00 Session 1: UWB Antenna & MIMO Systems
Room (A)
Chair Prof. Mohamed Hasan
Co-chair Darwish Abdel Aziz
11 Design of Compact UWB Antenna with Single, Dual and Triple Band-Notched Characteristics Utilizing Split Ring Resonator
M .Wahab, W.Swelam and M. Abd ElAzeem
23 Dual Band U-Shaped Microstrip Antenna
N. El-Ashmawy and A Allam
24 Parametric Study of UWB Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna
A. Allam and A. Mahmoud
27 Enhancing Antenna Performance Using Metamaterials
A. Allam and H. Hassanein
29 Effect of Radiation Pattern of MIMO Antenna System on the Capacity for Different Channel Models
A. Allam and K. Ahmed
72 Cognitive MIMO System with Two-Path Relaying
A. El-Mahdy, A. Elbakly and O. Alaa
14:30-16:00 Session 2: OFDM & Modern Communication Systems
Room (B)
Chair Prof. Mostafa Hussien
Co-chair Prof. Amr El Helw
7 Performance of Optical OFDM Systems in Atmospheric Turbulence Channel
S. Mohamed, I. Andonovic, H. Shalaby and M. Aly
8 FSO System Performance: Fog and Humidity Impact
S. Ghonamea, H. Fayedb, A. Abd El Azizc and M. Aly
14 Millimeter Wave 5G Space Time Correlation Derivation
B. Eldowek, S. Abd El-atty, S. El-Rabaie and F. Abd El-Samie
31 Design and Simulation of Anonymous Intelligent Authentication for 4G (LTE) Mobile Communication Network
M. El Omda, M. Megahed and M. Abd ElAzeem
49 Minimum Difference Self Cancellation Technique for SC-FDMA System
M. Aboul-Dahab, K. Ali and E. Hagras
55 Dynamically Configurable Radix FFT Algorithm for Real Time Applications
B. Shokry, M. Safar and M. El-Kharashi
14:30-16:00 Session 3: Power and Control Engineering
Room (B)
Chair Prof. Ahmed Lotfy
Co-chair Prof. Rania El-Sharkawy
3 Transformer Health Index Sensitivity Analysis using Neuro-Fuzzy Modelling
K. Ibrahim, R.EL-Sharkawy, H. Temraz and M. Salama
12 A New Adaptive Wide Area Protection Algorithm for Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation
S. Gaber, K. Hassan and A. Megahed

77 Adaptive Protection Scheme for Medium Voltage Systems with Distributed Generation and Islanding Detection
A. El-Hamrawy and A. Megahed

Wednesday. September 13th, 2017

10:00-11:30 Session 4: Antenna Design
Room (A)
Chair Prof. Mohamed Aboul Dahab
Co-chair Prof. Abdelmegid Allam
25 Substrate Integrated Waveguide Coupler
A. Allam and A. Mahmoud
34 High Gain and Radiation Efficiency Rectangular on-Chip Microstrip Patch Antenna for 60 GHz Applications
S. Abdelhamied, H. Malhat and S. Zainud-Deen
41 Millimetric Broadband Ankh Key Antenna for 5G Applications
N. Rashad, W. Swelam and M. Abd ElAzeem
58 Sea-Water Based Reconfigurable Reflectarray Antenna
S. Zainud-Deen, H. Malhatb and M. Abdelbaryc
60 Tapered Metal Nanoantenna Structures for Absorption Enhancement in GaAs Thin-Film Solar Cells
M. Aboul-Dahab, M. Dawoud, S Zainud-Deen, and H. Malhat
62 Octafilar Helical Antenna for Wireless In-Body Capsule Endoscopy Applications
A. Balabela, H. Malhat, and S. Zainud-Deenc
10:00-11:30 Session 5: Signal Processing
Room (B)
Chair Prof. Maha Sharkas
Co-chair Prof. Mohamed El Mahallawy
40 Experiments Validation on Kidnapping Problem in Mobile Robot Localization
S. Rahmah, M. Samah , Z. Ismailc and A. Abidind
43 Internet of Things Greenhouse Monitoring System
M. Azahari, M. Shapeib, Z. Ismailc and A. Abidind
51 Large Scale Image Retrieval For Remote Sensing Images Using Low Level Features
K. Mohamed, S. Gasser, M. El-Mahallawy and M. Fakhr
61 Chaos Based Secure Image Hiding in Variable Bit Rate CELP Speech Coding systems
S. El-Khamy, N. Korany, M. El-Sherif
64 Design and Implementation of compressive sensing on pulsed radar
M.Hossiny, S. Salem, F. Ahmed and K. Moustafa
67 Locating Earth Fault of Synchronous Generator using Wavelet Transform and ANFIS
A. Helal, E.Badran and H. Ashour
10:00-11:30 Session 6: Computer Engineering
Room (C)
Chair Prof. Sherin Yousief
Co-chair Prof. Shahrum Shah Abdullah
6 An Energy-Efficient MAC Protocol Based on Node Power for Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Ramadan, M. Dessouky, M. Abd-Elnaby and F. Abd El-Samie
13 A Robust Audio Watermarking Integrating Audio characteristics and Intrinsic Mode Functions
R. Foad, S. Youssef and M. ElShenawy
20 Opinion Lexicon Automatic Construction on Arabic language
F. Alqasemi, A. Abdelwahab, and H. Abdelkader
35 PoMSA: An Efficient and Precise Position-based Multiple Sequence Alignment Technique
S. Shehab, S. Shohdy and A. Keshk
44 Anonymizing published social network data
E. Elabd, H. AbdulKader and W. Ead
50 Business Process Semantic Annotation Suggestions in ERP Systems
N. Badr, H. Abdelkader and E. Elabd
12:00-13:00 Session 7: Mechanical Engineering
Room (A)
Chair Prof. Amr Ali
Co-chair Prof. Shaza Eva Mohamad
9 Detailed Sensitivity analysis of reverse osmosis systems
H. Yahya and S. Shaaban
19 A Fuzzy Like PI Controller Algorithm for 3D Printer Heaters
A. El-Fakharany, M. Atia and M. Abu El-Sebah
33 Study of Magnetic Flux and Shear Stress of OEM Damper featuring MR Fluid
M. Unuh, P. Muhamad, H. Norfazrina M. Ismail and Z. Tanasta
38 Comparison Accumulation of Total Carotenoid in Green Microalgae Under Normal and Stress Induction Growth Condition
A. Tharek, H. Hara and S. Mohamad
12:00-13:00 Session 8: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Room (B)
Chair Prof. Adel Belal
Co-chair Prof. Pauziah Muhamad
4 Hybrid Nanocrystal Photovoltaic/Wind Turbine Power Generation System in Buildings
A. Abdel-Aziz
26 Resistance Prediction of the Submerged System of Wave Glider Robot using Computational Fluid Dynamics Method
A. Ahmed, D. Wenyang and D. Rui
56 Effect of Thermal Insulation on Building Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption in Egypt.
M. Morsy, M. Fahmy, H. Abd Elshakour, and A. Belal
74 Clay''s Ability to Remove Iron and Manganese from Brackish Groundwater in Comparison to Cation Exchange Risen
M. Ibrahim, D. El Monayeri, S. Youssef and O. El Monayeri
13:00-14:30 Session 9: Biomedical Engineering & Electronic Devices
Room (A)
Chair Prof. Hairi Zamzuri
Co-chair Prof. Hanady Hussien
10 A Bounded Lorentzian Estimation for an Iterative Tomographic Imaging Reconstruction Supported with Lorentzian Regularization
M. Mamdouh, O. Omer, A. Hassan and M. Sharkas
28 Computer-Aided Model for Abnormality Detection in Biomedical ECG Signals
N. El-Gamil, S. Youssef and M. ElShenawy
75 Liver Fibrosis Diagnosis with Mamdani FIS
S. Sweidan, S. El-Sappagh , H. Elbakry and S. Sabbeh
30 Efficiency Enhancement of GaAs Solar Cell using Si3N4 Anti-reflection Coating
S. Ali, M. Fedawy and T. Abdolkader
45 Low power 7 nm FinFET based 6T-SRAM design
M. Badran, H. Issa, S. Eisa and H. Ragai
54 Studying of Structural, Morphological, Optical and Electrical Properties of SnO2: F Thin Films via Nebulizer Spray and Electro-spinning Techniques
M. Saleh, M. Soliman, S. Khaleel and M. Adel
13:00-14:30 Session10: Cognitive Radio and Secure Communication
Room (B)
Chair Prof. Hassan Elkamchouchi
Co-chair Prof. Mohamed Essam Khedr
15 A Spectrum Decision Framework Based on Self Organized Map for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
Z. Abd El-Hamid, S. El Agooz, A. Zekry, and F. Abd El-samie
32 Design and Simulation of New One Time Pad (OTP) Stream Cipher Encryption Algorithm M. Nabil, M. Megahed and M. Abdel Azeem
47 Blowfish Security Enhancement using DNA–Genetic Technique
H. Elkamchouchi, F. Ahmed and A. Abd ElMaksoud
48 FGEPT: Improving Data Privacy using Fine-grained encryption and Perturbation based techniques
E. Elwan, M. Elkawkagy and A. Keshk
65 Hardware Implementation of proposed CAMP algorithm for Pulsed Radar
M. Hossiny, S. Salem, F. Ahmed and K. Moustafa
68 Spectrum Sensing by Scattering Operators in Cognitive Radio
A. Moawad, K.Yao, A. Mansour and R. Gautier