Ship Handling & Maneuvering Simulator

  • Marine Simulator System


Course Outline:

  • Review of basic principles.
  • Familiarization with the bridge.
  • Standard maneuvers.
  • Wind and current effects.
  • Shallow water effects.
  • Bank, channel and interaction effects.
  • Berthing and un-berthing with and without tugs.
  • Anchoring and mooring.
  • Planning and carrying out a voyage.

Simulator Exercises:

The course is covered by multi-simulated exercises in different environmental conditions with different types of ships executed in Full Mission Ship Handling Simulator (FMSS 360).

Course Approval:
The person successfully completing this course will have successfully demonstrated:

  • STCW required competencies: Maneuver the Ship (Table A-II/1)
  • Maneuver and Handle a Ship in All Conditions, (Table A-II/2)
  • Advanced Ship handling requirements for Master/Chief Mate


Marine Simulator Systems


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