The Department of Logistics and International Transport was established at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in Latakia branch in 2008 preparing graduates for job opportunities to meet the Syrian market needs for logistics. The educational program of the department has been designed in accordance with modern study programs in developed countries to keep up to date with the recent developments in international logistics.

The main objective of the program is to ensure qualified graduates are produced according to the following:

*To prepare competent  graduates who are able to deal with the modern trends of global economy.

*Demonstrate the ability to understand the globalization of production and investment with the required unconstrained flow of goods and services.

*Qualifying graduates to obtain best career opportunities in investment and foreign companies as well as branches of multinational companies in the fields of internal and external trade, industry, banks, insurance companies and oil companies.

*Qualifying graduates to work in logistics, supply chains, export and import of all industrial, service and commercial companies.

*Qualifying graduates to work in all different transport companies (land, sea, air), ports, warehouses, container companies and shipping agencies.