Dynamic Positioning Simulator “Class B”

Kongsberg DP, K-Pos Maneuvering simulators are designed to support operations, test procedures, increase competence and minimize errors, therefore reducing the amount and ultimately the cost of incidents during DP operations. The Simulator is approved and accredited by London Nautical Institute

Examples of offshore operations that can be realistically simulated are: -

  • Close proximity ship handling, e.g. platform support vessels approach to platforms, buoys, and FPSOs
  • Realistic offshore loading, such as buoy loading, tandem loading, and tug assistance
  • Offshore operations such as supply, construction and dive support vessels etc
  • Semi-submersible/drilling vessel station keeping, with the use of DP during drilling operations

Kongsberg’s dual redundant and type approved K-Pos DP system is integrated into the simulator, so operators can gain experience on exactly the same DP system that is used for controlling hundreds of vessels worldwide