College of Artificial Intelligence

College of Artificial Intelligence

Academy branch - El Alamein

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport was established in 1972 as a special organization of Arab league of states and as a leading organization in the field of education, training, scientific research and consultancy. All degrees awarded by the Academy are accredited at the international and local level.

The Academy campus in El-Alamein has been established in order to meet the aspirations of Arab community and youth on a distinguished educational service through Smart Campus and to introduce new study programs in line with the scientific development in the fields of industry, medical sciences and the administrative sciences.

The bachelor degrees which offered in El-Alamein campus are offered as a dual degree (double certificate) with esteemed international universities and reflect the desire of the Academy to provide a distinguished educational service that deliver the same educational standards in foreign universities abroad, and provide distinguished services in the campus and commensurate with the mix of theoretical knowledge with practical training and skills acquisition and refinement scientific research of our students and giving them added value of scientific expertise to the graduation certificate.

In addition to the existing colleges in the Academy, the College of Artificial Intelligence, a new college, will open its door at El Alamein campus in Sept. 2019.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is developing in a fast pace all over the world as one of the most important pillars in science emphasizing on simulating the human cognitive thinking and behavior in order to automating decision making process or solving cognitive-based problems.

The first appearance of Artificial Intelligence was in 1955 and it was evolved and dominated in many fields that enhanced their performances such as: smart cities, autonomous cars, diseases diagnose,&hellipetc. Moreover, many countries has invested in AI focusing on its applications which are expected to increase the global economic output by 2030 to reach 13 trillion US Dollars (according to a September 2018 by McKinsey). Furthermore, AI is also expected to replace the humans in many fields of work by 2060. Therefore, founding an AI college becomes an essential issue in order to cope with the AI world evolution.

The AI applications, based mainly on simulating the human thinking and providing smart solutions such as self-driving cars and aircrafts, robots which do many tasks of working through human thinking simulations programs, cell-phones'' applications that we use continuously, simulation programs that assist in medical diagnosis, Video games'' applications based on simulating the human thinking - Supporting decision making in all areas by providing different solutions - smart cities that are established and adopted on technology in various aspects.

Study Period: 4 years (8 semesters)

            144 credit hours

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