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Stemming from the fundamental role served by the AAST Deanery of Admission & Registration, it is my pleasure to present an idea about the role of the Deanery and its goals. The Deanery constitutes one of the essential pillars of both education and administration at the AAST. It is responsible for providing adequate information about AAST colleges, institutes, specialization, as well as the terms of admission and registration in these various institutions. It also enables the students to be aware of all the academic policies and regulations needed during their studies.

The Deanery of Admission and Registration acts as one of the main channels of communication between the students and the AAST. This channel starts as soon as the student is admitted, and continues as long as s/he is studying at AAST, and even after graduation. The Deanery follows up with the students&rsquo academic progress, and helps them overcome any difficulties or obstacles they may face. This is in order to help making our students qualified to participate in the development process through the knowledge and the skills they acquired. The Deanery also highlights the regulations, instruction and timing for admission and registration, in order to keep students regularly updated with the latest information.

In addition to the administrative and technical tasks performed by the Deanery inside the academy, our responsibilities extend beyond the AAST. In particular, we constructively coordinate and cooperate with all the relevant units inside the academy as well as with external on a regular basis, to keep up with requirements and the progress of the education process.

The Deanery staff diligently strives to develop both academic and training aspects at AAST, in order to simplify procedures for both students and teaching staff in all colleges, institutes and training centers. We also work hard to facilitate the process of admission and registration so that students can focus on learning and acquiring skills. All these goals can only be achieved by collaborating with all the parties involved in the education and training process, while adhering to the system and regulations necessitated by the Deanery.

Thanks to the unfaltering support of the AAST President H.E. Professor Ismail Abdel Ghafar Farag, to improve and upgrade the Deanery, the Deanery has witnessed a comprehensive development both on the administrative and technical levels. That being said, invaluable efforts are still being exerted in order to upgrade the Deanery&rsquos working mechanism to act with premium efficiency, and to fulfill its prospected responsibility optimally.

Last but not the least, the Deanery of Admission and Registration would like to wish the AAST students a fruitful and successful university life, as well as a bright future that contributes to the welfare of community and prosperity of our country.

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