Samy Ismail A. M Youssef , MS.

1st Lecturer

Head of Quality Unit

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  • Samy Youssef is a marine lecturer at Sea Training Institute (STI), Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Alexandria, Egypt. He completed his bachelor's degree in Maritime Transport - Nautical Technology at AASTMT and his Master of Science degree in maritime affairs at the World Maritime University (WMU). Before joining the AASTMT, Samy spent 10 years at sea as deck officer onboard different types of merchant vessels. Inaddition to reading, he enjoys playing football. He currently resides in Alexandria, Egypt with his wife and two childeren and is now working on his proposal for the doctorate degree. You can reach him at

Academic Experience

  • Maritime Instructor, Aug 2014 - up till now
    Instruct and train deck cadets the following course: SE 496: Crisis Management and Contingency Plan
    College of Maritime Transport and Technology
  • Maritime Instructor On-Board Training Ship Aida IV, Aug 2010 - Sep 2012
    Instruct and train deck cadets the following courses Courses: TI 316: Practical Seamanship, TI 317: Practical Ship Operations and Care of Persons On-board, TI 336: Practical Navigation, TI 319: Practical Safety and Environmental Protection, TI 337: Practical Passage Plan, TI 318: Applied Ship Manoeuvring and Emergency Procedures.)
    Guided Nautical Sea Training

Work Experience

  • Deck Officer, Dec 2000 - Jun 2010
    Diffrent Shipping Companies
    Work on Board Different Types of Merchant Ships on Different Ranks as Deck Officer


  • Master of Science in Maritime Affairs, World Maritime University, Nov 2013
  • Bachelor in Maritime Transport - Nautical Technology, College of Maritime Transport and Technology, AASTMT, Jul 2000

List of Publications


  • 1- Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration
    2- Nautical Science.

Fields of Interest

  • Marine Environmental and Ocean Management
  • Maritime Education and Training
  • Organizational Leadershi
  • Maritime Law and Policy
  • Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration
  • Maritime Technology
  • Maritime Economics


  • 1- Reading
    2- Football

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