Bassant Mohamed Said El Serougy
Customers Attitude Towards Location Based Advertising in Egypt
Abstract- Due to the high penetration and growth rates of mobile devices along with the recent technological development of the third-generation devices in the Egyptian market have created a new direct communication channel with customers known as mobile advertising. Mobile marketing offers great opportunities for businesses. Marketing activities supported by mobile devices allow companies to directly communicate with their consumers without time location barriers. The underlying study presents initial Egyptian consumer evaluation and investigation on their perceived attitude towards location-based mobile advertising (LBMA) that allows marketers to reach their target consumers based on their location. LBMA allows service providers to offer timely personalized services and products based on their target customers’ specific location. However, it is unknown which is the best way to build these advertisements in order to positively affect Egyptian consumers’ attitudes, intention and behavior . Accordingly, the research at hand, investigates the Egyptian perceived attitude towards LBMA via surveying consumers’ using a structured questionnaire and interviewing