Amll Asfour
The impact of the holistic marketing strategies on increasing customers` satisfaction in container terminal ports, A comparative study between East and West Port Said container terminals
Ports have a significant role in today’s networked business environment. Ports are being regarded as hubs which are considered to be a part of the various logistics system. Ports- like any other organization- have customers, and satisfying customers is the main target of any sea port organization. Identification and responsiveness towards customer needs is a notion that rests deeply in the heart of any marketing concept, moreover, the holistic marketing approach is used to describe all relevant and integrated processes and flows that run internally and externally to increase customer satisfaction and to gain more competitive advantages . The conceptualized holistic port marketing comprises interactive marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing , external marketing and relationship marketing. The objective of this study is to find out the existence and the importance of these main factors, and the impact of them on customers' satisfaction in container ports that are operating and competing in Egypt. It determines the gap between providers and receivers` perceptions toward delivering services, and the impact of this gap on customer satisfaction. Primary data were obtained from a questionnaire administered to 80 respondents made up of top , middle level of managers, staff members and customers. Primary data gathered from the two main container terminals in Port Said. A comparative study was held between private and public terminal ports through non-random sampling method, three hypotheses was tested to determine the impact of each of the five holistic marketing aspects on customers' satisfaction. The findings indicate that there is a positive and significant relationship between implementing and integrating each of the holistic marketing strategies and increasing customers’ satisfaction.